Solar-TK is a data-driven toolkit for solar performance modeling and forecasting that is simple, extensible, and publicly accessible. Solar-TKs simple approach models and forecasts a sites solar output given only its location and a small amount of historical generation data. Solar- TKs extensible design includes a small collection of independent modules that connect together to implement basic modeling and forecasting, while also enabling users to implement new energy analytics.

Please find the source code and the relevant documentation at

Solar-TK Dataset

This dataset contains solar generation data for 81 homes across the United States. The files are in CSV format and have three columns: Timestamps, Local_Time, and Solar. The files are named Home_N_X_Y.csv, where N is the home number, X and Y are the coarse latitude and longitude. The current version just has the letters X and Y. The coarse coordinates for the homes will be uploaded in the coming days.

The dataset is available here.

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