Smart* Software Tools

Available here are Linux-based software tools to enable easy interaction with commodity sensing equipment. These tools have been developed for use in the Smart* project.

Questions? All questions regarding these tools should be directed to Sean Barker.

Insteon Software Tools

Many of our sensors are Insteon powerline-based devices. The Insteon energy meter is the iMeter Solo, which does not ship with any easily scriptable software. Our plmtools-imeter software (a fork of the plmtools project) provides one-line querying capabilities of iMeter Solos (via a USB connection to an Insteon PLM).

Z-Wave Software Tools

Our deployment also includes Z-Wave devices, which communicate wirelessly at higher bandwidths than Insteon, but are more complicated to interact with using OpenZWave. Our Z-Wave reader script simplifies polling one or more Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switches in round-robin fashion at any specified interval.

  • zwmeter
    • Example usage: $ zwmeter /dev/ttyUSB0 1000
    • Example output: meter1 24 ... | ... meter2 37 ... | ... meter1 24 ...
    • Readme: README
    • Download: zwmeter-0.1.tar.gz (19 KB)
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