Laptop Battery Usage Trace

This set of traces was compiled from January 2007 - present. The traces contains battery usage data for 60 laptops. Apart from battery-usage data the traces also contain data on CPU utilization, disk space, and idle time for the laptop users.

AC power Traces

This set of traces was captured using a current sense resistor to record the power consumed by a desktop PC while loading a variety of websites. The sense resistor was wired in series with the AC power plug and the voltage drop across the resistor was sampled at a rate of 1kHz. Each file contains one website load. Each file is named for the website loaded, followed by a timestamp. There are 34 lines of header information followed by time series data in CSV format. The first column is a sample counter and the second is the voltage drop across the 0.1Ohm sense resistor. The current consumed by the PC can be calculated using Ohm's Law (I = V/R) where R = 0.1Ohm.

  • Data
  • Publications:
    • "Executive Powers: Deanonymizing User Web Traffic via AC Power Analysis", Shane S. Clark, Jacob Sorber, Kevin Fu, and Erik Learned-Miller. Tech report.
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